Biocheck PROHEALTH Pig


Dear Pig Producer,


Thank you for your willingness to collaborate in the ProHealth project. The aim of the EU-funded ProHealth project is to investigate the multi-factorial dimension of animal diseases associated with intensive production and use this knowledge to develop, evaluate and disseminate effective control strategies to reduce their impact.


This questionnaire will be used to quantify risk and protective factors regarding health, welfare and performance in pigs in a standardized way in different production systems in multiple EU countries.


The information that is obtained by this questionnaire will be treated with the highest confidentiality and will only be used in the ProHealth project. You can obtain information about the outcomes of this project on request to your national contact person.


For more information about the project, please visit the website:


This questionnaire will help to provide an overview on areas where animal health management could be improved. The questions address farm characteristics, biosecurity, management practices and herd characteristics. It will take approximately 20 minutes to complete the questionnaire.



There are 131 questions in this survey.